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Trusted Exchange NETwork


Flowbe has engineered an interoperability platform, called TENet (Trusted Exchange NETwork) , with the aim of governing ecosystem processes, enabling and simplifying their adoption, and certifying intercompany transactions.
TENet is an application platform that stands between corporate legacy and  interoperability  (DLT, BlockChain, API) and provides horizontal services capable of guaranteeing the control of operations on processes, access, monitoring, accounting and auditing.

The use of the platform allows a structured approach to interoperability and protects from the problems of a vertical process approach, such as heterogeneous interfacing logics, distributed management and monitoring, non-reuse of horizontal services.


The platform works in concert with the application layer that implements the interoperability logic and transposes, by-design, specific regulations or customs.


Flowbe, through a process analysis model, is able to best support the ecosystems and the stakeholders that are part of it, in the development of the component that creates the vertical process.


In a market that is increasingly oriented towards strong interoperability, it becomes essential to have a single framework available that brings together all the horizontal services necessary for the correct management of processes to and from one's business ecosystem.
Through a simplified interface, available both via a web dashboard and via API, all hosted processes will benefit from the same features


Monitor all your processes to and from outside the company in real-time through a user-friendly interface


Access the status history of a specific transaction at any time, in order to instantly track the events that led to the current situation

Document Management

You send the data, we'll take care of the rest. Thanks to the automatic compilation of documents and the management of their approval cycle through Document Transaction Management, all information and document flows will always be under control

Profile management

Manage the permissions of your users in a few clicks, in order to guarantee the correct segregation of access to information and operations

Process management

Changing the status of a process and starting new ones has never been easier

Single Sign On

No new users, use company credentials to access TENet directly

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User experience

All the actors involved (companies and customers) must have an accessible, quick and intuitive solution available.

Ease of integration

The adoption of the proposed solution must have the least impact on internal process logic to the company and support a  simple, fast and unobtrusive integration.


Each operation must be traced in order to make the history of the operations carried out always available in a clear and certified way, respecting the constraints of internal and regulatory compliance;

Certification of the data

The data is certified and made unchangeable so as to create a trust mechanism that is guaranteed by design: only in this way  it will be possible to carry out automatic data processing without the need for manual checks or uncertainty about the origin of the data.


In full compliance with the GDPR legislation on the processing of personal data, the information will be made available, subject to authorization,  only to the actors who need to get hold of it to carry out the business process.


The data to be shared will be available to the receiving party in a standard format previously agreed and digitized to enable the creation of an automated and totally paperless end-to-end flow.

Applications fields

In recent years we have witnessed a digital transformation process focused on the digitization of processes within the company areas. This path has allowed the companies that have undertaken it to increase the efficiency of their internal operations.

To extend the effectiveness of this evolution, it is necessary to approach a digital transformation 3.0 which concerns the interoperability processes between operators of the same ecosystem.

Thanks to the characteristics of TENet, Flowbe proposes itself as a new paradigm for business ecosystems and aims to digitize those inter-company processes that by their nature continue to be performed in traditional mode (paper, mail, point-to-point flows), combining the best of the characteristics offered by DTM technology with those of DLT and Trust Services.

There are many market sectors characterized by processes suitable for exploiting the advantages of TENET, sectors where operators share processes and rules: banking, insurance, telco, utilities, but also pharma, aerospace and, last but not least, the Public sector. Administration.

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