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Who we are



"Bridging the distance"

Flowbe aims to reduce the distances in time and space that are generated between market operators when they have to interact, guaranteeing and certifying exchanges of information.


We aim to help companies obtain maximum efficiency from their processes by reducing the time and space distances between market operators.


Certify , simplify and speed up business relationships.

Guarantee the truthfulness and structure of data in exchanges between market operators.

Simplify the experience through native integrations with management systems or the use of digital workflows .

Make shared information available in real-time.




Each new project is  assessed on the basis of its sustainability business and market.


We use technology with the aim of guaranteeing by-design the adherence of the supported process to current legislation and sector directives.


Respect for the rules and good behavior is the essential requirement that guides the work of Flowbe and its people.

Team spirit

At Flowbe we are convinced that collaboration is the basis of success and unthinkable results for single entities or individuals. Flowbe addresses ecosystems and relies on its operating model on extended collaboration.

Work-life Balance

The quality of work is determined only by you, not your desk. We are convinced that the well-being of our employees is the foundation of our success. Company growth is based on the growth of the people who are part of it.

Our skills


In a world where the interactions between legacy systems of different operators are destined to multiply, it will be necessary to have a governance platform capable of managing incoming and outgoing flows, reducing the complexity of integration with external systems, having knowledge of the transactions both in terms of numbers and responsibilities.

All these needs are supported by the TENet interoperability platform which guarantees an absolute control of the underlying processes and transactions.


Digital processes

We are convinced that a digital transformation path in a business ecosystem context must start from an in-depth analysis of the AS-IS process and the operations of the stakeholders who are part of it.
The process is then revised using new technologies to maximize its effectiveness.


Legal & Compliance

Regulatory aspects, agreements and conventions between the parties must be essential elements in the design phase of the new digital process, so as to guarantee its supervision and compliance by design.
Thanks to its skills, Flowbe is able to support the ecosystem in this phase, also with the involvement of the institutional bodies of the sector.



We believe that digital technology is a fundamental means for revisiting the business models that will characterize digital transformation.
Thanks to the many years of experience of our team, we are able to better address and combine different technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology, Digital Transaction Management and Qualified Services, in order to make it possible to create new evolved digital processes to support the business of our clients.



The importance of certifying by-design processes within ecosystems in an end-to-end way allows the creation of complete automatisms between legacy systems of different operators.

This is a fundamental condition to produce a reduction in process times and costs, as well as to guarantee a better service to end-users.

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