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Bridging the distance

Digital transformation 3.0:
Interoperability & ecosystems

Certification of the exchanged data, end2end traceability, automation, are essential elements that will characterize how the information systems of different players will interact with each other, enabling a natively digital conversation.


Companies, banks, public administration, citizens, objects will share information, based on process logic, in an automatic, certified and efficient way.


We are talking about interoperability: we are talking about digital transformation 3.0.

Flowbe's goal is to support, thanks to its TENet interoperability platform, how the operators of each business ecosystem will interact with each other.


Who we are

Flowbe is a team made up of professionals with different backgrounds who have gained specific experience over the years in the digital transformation path of business processes, in support of large companies.
At Flowbe, we are convinced that technology can enable new business opportunities and is a strategic lever to increase their sustainability.
Our vision "Bridging the distance"  led us to develop a TENet interoperability platform to support the digital dialogue between each company and its reference ecosystem.


The heart of Flowbe

Inside Flowbe beats the heart of TENet .

TENet is the interoperability platform that makes it possible to greatly simplify the interface between the legacy of companies and the external systems with which they interact, centralizing the governing point of incoming and outgoing flows and the related services.

Our process-based approach allows us to decline the functional and regulatory needs of traditional business processes into digital and automated end2end certified processes, exploiting the most innovative interoperability technologies (DLT, DTM, Trust Services, API).


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